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Huapeng vehicle computer leads the new era of automobile audio

Huapeng held a technical seminar on vehicle computer in the new factory in Shenzhen. On this seminar, we invited many senior people in the industry and partners that have strong interests in vehicle computer to discuss the development direction and strategy scheme of vehicle computer.

On the seminar, Huapeng International exhibited the elaborated product exhibition box and introduced the function in details. Put the vehicle computer in this exhibition box to simulate the mobile computer in automobile. The exhibition box is noticeable in appearance and outstanding in performance. It can realize all vehicle services and entertainment functions electronic eye and make the distributors experience the high performance of the system. The HD digital display, 16.7 mega true color display, multi-task operating system with up to four functions running simultaneously, the GPS satellite synchronized system time, data resource sharing and system upgrade gave deep impression to the distributors. At the same time, to let the distributors understand more about our products, we also held game show and gave the notebooks and other presents to the guests. The seminar was smooth and impassioned.

This seminar was not aiming at the first generation vehicle computer only, but also impressed the expectation on second generation vehicle computer and discussed the development trend of vehicle computer with the distributors. Our technicians pointed out that the second generation vehicle computer would be more perfect, and the users could select wallpaper, upgrade computer system, install software, and surf the internet. The development direction of Huapeng vehicle computer is network service. We will provide more humanized network services to make the users feel more considerable and comfortable

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