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Does the spring of “coreless” times of automobile A/V come?

Along with the development of information technology, people’s entertainment becomes more and more abundant. From radio, recorder, to CD player, VCD, DVD, and MP3, MP4, MP5, the A/V equipment has entered the “coreless” times

Along with the popularization of automobiles in China, the entertainment of car owners has experienced several changes: from the earliest vehicle cassette player, to vehicle CD, VCD, and MP3, MP4, MP5. Does it mean that the coreless times of automobile A/V industry come?

We know that the automobile market is stagnant in these two years, but the after market has achieved outstanding achievements. However, since the global financial crisis from the USA, the export market is affected and the automobile A/V industry moves the focus to domestic market, causing the competition in domestic market fiercer.

In addition, the domestic DVD industry is always in an embarrassing position. Once the foreign patent holders call to account, the entire industry may be overwhelmed. Then, the vehicle DVD manufactures will also suffer. Therefore, it is urgent for the vehicle A/V industry to find a new way.

Moreover, we have found that numbers of new enterprises spring up and develop rapidly along with a new technical time. The times are creating and eliminating enterprises ceaselessly. In nowadays that technology changes life, the enterprises that follow the technology trend will recognize the industry trend, get victory in the market competition, take the commanding height of the market and lead the industry development.

At this stage, the craft brothers are striving to develop new products and hold the new direction. In March this year, Guangdong Digiin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. launched vehicle A/V brand “Roadjoy”, which is orientated as vehicle media navigation system in “network video times”. Roadjoy launched the first vehicle network A/V system in China and caused shock in the industry. Other manufacturers quicken their steps.

The principal of ACCO believed that the coreless automobile A/V was a revolution of vehicle entertainment information carrier from disc to chip. Along with technology advance, cost reduction of chip carrier (SD card, TF card, etc), and realization of network life, the chip carrier is the necessary direction of automobile A/V industry. The chip carrier could solve the problems of small capacity, easy to be damaged and too many faults of vehicle DVD. The large capacity storage media such as SD card, TF card and mobile hard disk could provide the vehicle entertainment products that satisfy customers’ needs. It also could reduce the repair rate. Therefore, coreless is the necessary trend of the industry. Essentially, no matter how these technologies change, satisfying customers’ needs is the value that the industry should pursue.

 In 2004, Bill Gates predicted that the DVD technology would be eliminated in 10 years at latest. It is ridiculous that you have to put the small silver disc into the computer to play moves and music. These discs are easy to be scratched and the data are easy to lose. Gates told the German media.

In automobile A/V industry, many people have the same opinion. They predict that the automobile A/V multimedia entertainment system that integrates MP5, GPS and digital TV is the trend of the industry. In this way, the car owners won’t be restricted by the contents of the discs, and they can enjoy the interactive entertainment of the network. They believe that the traditional disc player will become history.

 At the same time, some people in the industry believe that many automobile A/V enterprises are not mature and they overlook the normal increasing rule and customers’ traditional custom needs on products when they chase leading technology blindly. According to the investigation by authoritative institution, although the potential of China automobile products industry is great, it is predicted that the market scale of automobile electronic products will be nearly RMB 240 billion yuan by 2011, i.e. the annual increasing rate is 26%. However, the reporter found that almost no enterprise fixes the expectation under this level. More than half of the enterprises even lock the increasing target at higher than 100%. Therefore, although many people think highly of after market of automobile, they believe that the possibility of blowout development is low.

Under this circumstance, some people believe that the spring of coreless times of automobile A/V is still far away. It will cause a lot of difficulties to enter the market rashly. Moreover, the new products will eliminate the old products and the upgrading will increase the cost of the enterprise. Besides, because the channel of automobile A/V industry is narrow and long, it may take a rather long time for the customers to accept vehicle coreless A/V.

Well, whether the spring of coreless times of automobile A/V industry comes soon?

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